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What’s better – hope or cynicism? Hope makes difficult situations easier and can inspire us to do better and be better than we are in our current situation. It’s important to realize the important role that hope plays in our lives. Hope helps us in everyday moments as well as tragic ones. It is said that hope is the fire that keeps us alive. If you think about it, this couldn’t be more true. It is hope for a better world that gave our ancestors the strength to push on, to found new technologies, cities, and empires. Hope is a fire that never truly dies out.

No one knows what will happen in the next moment. No one knows, but one can hope, and that hope can inspire us to form a new reality, a better world.

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Daily Dose of Inspiration 4/25


“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.” – Francis of Assisi

Mr. Cliff the Cat

Extra: Three years ago today, I met my precious one, Cliff the Cat. Hence, today is the Cliffiversary (self-named). He is such a blessing. He makes my world every moment. He really is a therapy cat, and I wish everyone could be as blessed as this cat has made me.

Extra: Do you have a similar story to share? If you have a furry friend, feel encouraged to give him/her a shout out in the comments! Have a great day!

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Daily Dose 4/21

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. – Charles R. Swindoll

So true. I can’t change other people. I can’t change what things ($*#!) life throws my way. I can, however, change how I choose to react to and deal with life’s difficulties. Definitely something worth thinking about.

By the way, Happy Easter to everyone! Even if you don’t consider yourself a religious person, please consider saying a prayer for all the innocent people injured and killed in the Sri Lanka Easter Sunday church and hotel explosions. This is breaking news, and you can find out more here:

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A Note on the Importance of Environmental Regulations

Regulations. Pointless? Necessary? Somewhere in between? At times, it may seem like all those ‘regulations’ are simply fancy jumbles of paper that tend to overcomplicate daily life more than it already is. This may have a shred of truth in it, but there is more to the story.

Regulations are a necessary complication. Consider this: a business exists to make money. No matter their mission statement, form, products, services, or ‘ethical’ practices, a business exists to make money, and all ways of any business must fundamentally serve this objective. As such, businesses do not genuinely feel the need to ‘make the world a better place’ or live in harmony with the environment unless it is a necessary move or sales tactic to maintain or increase profits.

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This is precisely why, despite all the hearsay, regulations are necessary to keep the world balanced and intact. So, despite ‘politics’, Washington, and all the putzes out there, we must continue to clash with business and Washington for the health of our world, each other, and all life.

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Change. An idea that causes dread and turmoil in so many people and families, yet also sparks hope. The world, people, places, everything is constantly changing. Impermanence is one of the only sureties we have. Change can come in an infinite number of ways. Change often shows up when least expected and is processed differently by everyone.

Yet, with all the turmoil it can cause, change brings opportunity. Change is especially vital is this way. A new job, a new life, a new tree, a new family; all are opportunities invited by change.

Why do things have to change? They’re fine the way they are.

As noted before, change is one of the only sureties we have. There is no guarantee that what you rely on today will be here tomorrow. In fact, quite the opposite is true; ‘the way things are’ is always changing. With the exception of well kept-up items and property, nothing will stay the way it is. This can be very depressing and hard to accept but also brings hope. Good days pass, but so do the bad days.

In this sense, bad times can be somewhat an inspiration for great change. Take, for example, the Civil Rights Movement, a monumental step of positive change that has indeed changed America. The great progress seen in the Civil Rights Movement could not have happened without the seemingly endless years of mistreatment and discrimination. So, when change comes your way, thank it for the opportunity it brings to make something positive out of bad times, and know that those times will pass. Cheers to change!