Category: Reasons

The Point

Have you ever been through yet another week, doing the laundry again, asking yourself “what’s the point”? Well, if you said no, you’re lying. We’ve all been there. I’m not necessarily talking about feeling down. Rather, simply wondering how another week could have gone by. How you could […]

A Note On Nature

Nature is a natural wonder. Beyond being wonderful in itself, it’s amazing what nature can do for us. Yes, of, course, its resources form the cornerstone of the modern world; crops, trees, water, metals, medicinal plants. I’m not talking about nature as a resource, though. Nature itself, not […]

Enjoying the Journey

It’s good to have goals. It’s necessary to have a point you’re working towards, so that everyday and every decision means something. Even if it’s just a very small step, it’s still important to be reaching for something rather than just grabbing air. With that said, it’s also […]

Cause and Effect

Cause and effect. You likely first heard this term in grade school. Likely in science or history, you would be asked to identify an issue and its cause and the effects it has on the people, events, etc. involved. However, the notion of cause and effect goes far […]

A Note on Plants

Plants form our world. Through the magic of photosynthesis they absorb the carbon dioxide we breathe out and release oxygen into the air, allowing us to breathe. They provide us with food without whose sustenance we could not live. Many plants around the world are used in medicines […]


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