Month: October 2018

The Wonder of Life

Life. An amazing feat, yet often overlooked. When going about our day, it is easy to not notice the birds, squirrels, pets, gophers, and other animals that tend to inhabit our surroundings. The web of life and biodiversity on Earth is truly remarkable and complex. It’s all connected. […]

Extraordinary in the Ordinary

  Each day seems to be filled with the uninteresting, mundane activities and routines of everyday life. Yet, when we become sick, disabled, or otherwise incapacitated these activities take on a different light. Whether we become incapable of doing them or we have to put extra attention on […]


Change. An idea that causes dread and turmoil in so many people and families, yet also sparks hope. The world, people, places, everything is constantly changing. Impermanence is one of the only sureties we have. Change can come in an infinite number of ways. Change often shows up […]


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