alligator snapping turtle

One Shell of a Story!

Introduction The turtle has roamed the Earth since the Upper Triassic Period. For reference, here is the history of the Earth, according to the fossil record: A turtle‚Äôs shell is its most distinguishable feature. It is actually a modified ribcage, not an exoskeleton or mere protective covering. Hence, […]

What Makes Life

Are you standing like a rock overlooking everything? Are you wondering is this the best that it could be? Is this the best that it could be? Is this the best that it could be? Why are you so sure of what you cannot see? There is more […]

Water Supply in Desert Climates

There is often controversy over droughts and lack of adequate drinking water in many areas. Specifically, dry, arid regions such as the southwestern United States (California, New Mexico). When coming across these issues, it’s important to keep in mind a few basic facts. First off, desert environments are […]


What’s better – hope or cynicism? Hope makes difficult situations easier and can inspire us to do better and be better than we are in our current situation. It’s important to realize the important role that hope plays in our lives. Hope helps us in everyday moments as […]


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